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Boa Constrictor Care

What’s the difference between boas and ball pythons?

Boa constrictors are from Central and South America while ball pythons are from Africa. Boa constrictors have live birth while ball pythons lay eggs

What is a better pet, boa or ball python?

This is a question I get a lot at expos, I always say that ball pythons will tolerate human interaction while boas enjoy it. I use the comparison of cats to dogs to illustrate the difference between boas and ball pythons. Keep in mind of course that boa constrictors will be considerably larger than ball pythons.

How big do balls get?

Females range in size from 3-5 feet, males typically smaller, 2-3 feet.

How big do boas get?

Boa Constrictor Imperators (Colombians) usually max out between 7-8 feet for females and 6-7 feet for males. This is an impressive but manageable size that is below most bylaws (3 meter rule). Boa Constrictor Constrictor (Red Tails) will reach sizes larger than BCI.

Should I keep my Boa/ball python in a glass tank or rack?

A glass tank is suitable for keeping a ball python or boa however they are harder to maintain heat and humidity in. Covering half of the screen lid with plexiglass can aid in retaining heat and humidity and using coco husk or cypress mulch can retain humidity as well. If you plan on keeping more than a couple of snakes then a rack is a great consideration. Plastic totes or commercial bins such as Freedom Breeder or American Rodent Supply are all excellent choices.

My ball python stopped eating, what should I do?

Ball pythons are known to go off food at some point in their lives, usually at around 1kg in weight. Using a hide, covering their tank with a blanket, offering live prey, using a different size tub or a different substrate are all worth trying to get your ball python to eat again. Sometimes you just have to wait them out and they will eat when they’re ready. Ball pythons can actually go off food for a year without losing an ounce.